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When I was starting to reflect on this unit, I thought a good way to do this would be to do a video blog!

I simply used the video recorder on my laptop, saved it and uploaded to YouTube and I’m sure students could very easily do the same as most laptops these days have a webcam in it!

( The tool I used to create this video was “Windows Live Movie Maker” and it came with my laptop when I purchased it, so any version of windows 7 should have it. It’s as easy as opening the program, choosing to video from the webcam and pressing record! Students can then save it as a movie and upload it to YouTube. This would be good in the classroom because students could make news reports or video assignments and they would enjoy watching each others back in class. Its so easy to use that using it in the classroom shouldn’t be a problem at all 😀 )

Photo Fun!


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I made this blog last night but for some reason it didn’t come up and now seems to be deleted which makes me sad!!

But here I go again 🙂

As I said last time I posted this blog, I’m not going to write too much in this blog I just want to show you some websites and what I did with some pictures!

These are some before and after pictures!

































These images were edited by

I like this website because it is SO easy to use and has lots of cool features.
There are heaps of effects and I really like the ability to change the picture in to an old one! There is also a “wanted poster” effect. I think both of these could be good for the history classroom 🙂

















This image was edited by

This website was very fun and there are heaps of effects, filters and adjustment options.

Both of these websites are similar but they are both very fun and REALLY easy to use. The biggest plus about these websites for the classroom is that you don’t have to download or pay anything. You just upload the photo and off you go! Students would find this very easy and fun 🙂

Digital Pictures Revisited….


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Sorry about the technological difficulties we had earlier…

Here is the story of “Photo Pad”

 So Photo Pad is a free photo editor and while it is simple, I think it is useful for exactly just that – it’s simplicity.

This app could be used for simple editing of images and in its own right that is very handy!!

I’ll go through some simple steps and features of the app with you guys 🙂

So, you open up the app and you get this screen!! You select your image from the top left of the screen and then it will open up your photo – as simple as that! It will then take you to the editing screen…

At the bottom of the screen you can see all the options available:

Tools – here you can crop, use a paint brush, use a paint bucket to fill areas of the photo with colour, remove red eyes from a photo, rotate and resize.

Adjustments – this is where you can do a few more fancy things like adjust the hue and saturation, colour levels, brightness and contrast and tint the photo.

Filters – here is, probably obviously, where you filter the photos and this is something I prepared earlier…

So there you have it, there is one of the photo editing tools that I have explored thus far. Stay tuned for more!!

Happy Blogging!

Digital Pictures


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Today this blog is from my iPad because I haven’t tried it yet and I wanted to see if it worked the same or similar and what not!

Today I will be talking about “photo pad” an offline photo editor app on the iPad. There is a free version, which I have, and a paid version but for the moment it seems like the paid version does most things without too much restriction.

Okay and already I have reached a slight problem….edublogs doesn’t let me upload photos with my iPad! What a shame.

So there you go, I guess that’s one issue with the iPad…it doesn’t always easily interface with everyday Internet websites like edublogs….

This leads me to wonder if there are any free blogging apps that I could download for future reference…I am not too sure but I will definitely look in to it.

I mean, you can still post a simple blog but without pictures and stuff it makes it a little boring.

So I’m sorry this has no information, my intentions were good! If I find any cool blogging ideas for the iPad I shall certainly share.

if anyone knows any please share them with me because I feel like blogging on th iPad could be a very fun and addictive thing!

Bye for now!

Creating Stories…


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This week we were asked to create a visual story and I chose to use “StoryRobe” on the iPad!

After downloading the app it was quite simple! As you can see from the image you click “Create Story” to begin!

 After this, you go to the screen where you are asked to add photos or videos. You can do this by either taking photos or video WITH your iPad, or you can use existing ones from your photo gallery.

Simply add your photo and then click “yes” to continue adding photos. After you have finished adding your photos you can view and edit them or move on to record your story!

There is a limit of three minutes to speak so if you’re students are required to do one longer than this then you may have some issues. You can then leave the story and when you re-open the app, it detects you have a story waiting!

As you can see from the first photo, after you have finished your story you can click on the third option “share your story” and either upload it to your youtube account or e-mail it to yourself or others. A word of warning though – email did not work for me! Unless I am just stupid which is more likely to be the case.

I think this is a great tool for the classroom and in my perfect world where students all have iPads, it would be VERY easy to create a story using photos that they take or from the internet etc. This could be used in the classroom in a number of ways and even one thing that I thought could be quite nice is at the beginning of the year all students could create one to share something about themselves with the class for the teacher and students to get to know each other.

I think it also a helpful tool as it requires students to actually THINK about the photos rather than just sticking them on a powerpoint or a poster or something similar. So many times students choose unrelated photos that they think just goes along with their assignment but getting them to talk about it really helps!

I have created my own story and would love for you (not) to watch it haha due to my horrible voice and mistakes. Alas though, here it is…

World War 2 Through Facebook


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Hey Bloggers,

This was an image I was given a while  back, a teacher had done ‘World War 2 Through Facebook’

I was interested to read through and see the way in which students had responded to the events of WW2. Even though a lot of them are lighthearted and often joking, I think that the general gist of the events are shown and it’s clearly a way for students to connect to the content in a way that they are comfortable with.

What do you guys think, would you ever do anything like this with your students?

I think something similar could be done on edmodo…??

Let me know what you think!

Audioboo for the English Classroom


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So today I wanted to talk about Audioboo and an idea I discussed previously about doing an assignment on audioboo and then uploading it to the class blog.

Please have a listen and let me know what you think!

Audioboo for the Classroom (mp3)

I think that using audio in the classroom is very beneficial as learning styles and multiple intelligences are something that can not be ignored! Some students really respond to listening rather than writing and responding so completing a task like this could be very handy for them.

Google Wave


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I am probably very slow and everyone probably already knows about this but today I stumbled across “Google Wave”

Has anyone heard of this? As I said, I haven’t but I am so interested to experiment with this in the classroom for the basic reason that students can collaborate on a document all at once! They literally can write and type, add photos, graphs and other things all at the same time! You can also view who, how and when things were added.

I thought this could be a very good tool for the classroom as when they are working in groups to create an assignment, they can use this with ease!

Other options on google wave are…

Brainstorming – a good tool for students to use to get their ideas together.

Discussion – students can chat about their assignment.

Task Tracking – students can create a to do list and assign jobs to each person in the group.

Meeting – students can arrange a meeting time to do their assignment together.

Document – they can also create a collaborated document – adding things like images, maps, graphs and text!

What do you guys think?? Would you use this in a classroom??

Check out this video to see a run down on what Google Wave is!




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Today I have been playing around with audacity…

I thought that by beginning I would share with you some ideas I had for using Audio in my classroom and I would then try to explore some of these issues by actually doing them! For reference, my methods are English and History. I have read quite a few ideas and will try to come up with original ones so I don’t repeat but I apologise if you read them before hand.

1. My first idea, which I have done here and hopefully you can listen to, is creating an Audio Book with your class. Students would be assigned a chapter or two and would have a week to go home and record their assigned chapters. I would then collate them in to a book and play them as we were reading the book in class. This would hopefully eliminate some of the stress students have in reading in front of the class as they can do it in the privacy of their bedroom.

Alice in Wonderland (Chapter One)

2. Creating lectures for my students to listen to as podcasts for extra reinforcement/information on topics we cover in history. This could be set as homework tasks, for them to go home and listen to the lecture and respond to it or sometimes it can simply be a revision tool for them or something they can look at for extra information. This way, students can revise in a way that might suit them more than reading and writing notes.

3. When studying a text students could create podcasts about characters, themes etc and collaborate them on to a blog or website. Students could work in pairs to create a podcast about a specific character etc and share them with the class. To ensure everyone’s podcasts are listened to they could then have a task where they have to go through each of the podcasts and answer questions about the content.

4. This has been a popular one but obviously oral presentations can be presented in this format. This could be beneficial for the teacher as they can go back and watch them and also beneficial for the nervous student who isn’t confident in front of the class.

5. Creating a song to remember historical facts for the history classroom…

I am going to explore some more options other than audacity so stay tuned! I would also love to hear any additional ideas, tips or comments 🙂

The “New Age” Classroom


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I read this blog this morning

about things that will become obsolete in the classroom in the next decade.

What do you guys think? This guy is pretty extreme and says things like paper will be obsolete. This could be a good thing because it is a lot better for the environment and I think there needs to be a big shift in school in their focus on the environment but what do you guys think? Is it realistic???

He also says things like desks will become a thing of the past. I don’t particularly agree with that.

Another thing he is a big advocate of, and again I am very unsure, is the use of twitter in the classroom.

What do you guys think about that?

I think if you are going to start introducing things like twitter then there needs to be SO many rules set out, so many precautions taken and there would be a lot of effort required to ensure it is used safely and effectively.

I think using something like edmodo would be more effective and could and should be used, but twitter? maybe not…

He then writes a response to people who criticise the use of twitter so if anyone is interested have a read of this

I’d love to know what everyone thinks about this and some examples of how people could use twitter in the classroom if they had to or wanted to!

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