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I made this blog last night but for some reason it didn’t come up and now seems to be deleted which makes me sad!!

But here I go again 🙂

As I said last time I posted this blog, I’m not going to write too much in this blog I just want to show you some websites and what I did with some pictures!

These are some before and after pictures!

































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I like this website because it is SO easy to use and has lots of cool features.
There are heaps of effects and I really like the ability to change the picture in to an old one! There is also a “wanted poster” effect. I think both of these could be good for the history classroom 🙂

















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This website was very fun and there are heaps of effects, filters and adjustment options.

Both of these websites are similar but they are both very fun and REALLY easy to use. The biggest plus about these websites for the classroom is that you don’t have to download or pay anything. You just upload the photo and off you go! Students would find this very easy and fun 🙂

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