Digital Pictures Revisited….


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Sorry about the technological difficulties we had earlier…

Here is the story of “Photo Pad”

 So Photo Pad is a free photo editor and while it is simple, I think it is useful for exactly just that – it’s simplicity.

This app could be used for simple editing of images and in its own right that is very handy!!

I’ll go through some simple steps and features of the app with you guys 🙂

So, you open up the app and you get this screen!! You select your image from the top left of the screen and then it will open up your photo – as simple as that! It will then take you to the editing screen…

At the bottom of the screen you can see all the options available:

Tools – here you can crop, use a paint brush, use a paint bucket to fill areas of the photo with colour, remove red eyes from a photo, rotate and resize.

Adjustments – this is where you can do a few more fancy things like adjust the hue and saturation, colour levels, brightness and contrast and tint the photo.

Filters – here is, probably obviously, where you filter the photos and this is something I prepared earlier…

So there you have it, there is one of the photo editing tools that I have explored thus far. Stay tuned for more!!

Happy Blogging!

Digital Pictures


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Today this blog is from my iPad because I haven’t tried it yet and I wanted to see if it worked the same or similar and what not!

Today I will be talking about “photo pad” an offline photo editor app on the iPad. There is a free version, which I have, and a paid version but for the moment it seems like the paid version does most things without too much restriction.

Okay and already I have reached a slight problem….edublogs doesn’t let me upload photos with my iPad! What a shame.

So there you go, I guess that’s one issue with the iPad…it doesn’t always easily interface with everyday Internet websites like edublogs….

This leads me to wonder if there are any free blogging apps that I could download for future reference…I am not too sure but I will definitely look in to it.

I mean, you can still post a simple blog but without pictures and stuff it makes it a little boring.

So I’m sorry this has no information, my intentions were good! If I find any cool blogging ideas for the iPad I shall certainly share.

if anyone knows any please share them with me because I feel like blogging on th iPad could be a very fun and addictive thing!

Bye for now!

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