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Having recently completed by second last lot of rounds, and having become truly excited to become a teacher I really feel like it is my duty and responsibility as a teacher to facilitate a student’s learning in whichever way possible.

I recently watched this video on Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas…


If you watch it, please tell me what you think. Other than the animation being awesome and entertaining, it really shed some light on a few issues that our current education system has and I will list some of them that are particularly frustrating to me.

1. The way we send our students through school in year levels, stamping their abilities based on their ages.

2. The only learning environment available to us in the classroom setting. Even though this is slowly starting to change I believe it needs to happen faster.

3. Sir Kin Robinson raises some ideas on Divergent Thinking and how education actually quashes this rather than embraces it.

4. Standardised Testing…

5. Everything is separated – maths, science, history, english.

6. We are very quick to think a student has a learning problem or something like ADD if they aren’t interested in the stuff in class.


These are just a few to begin with but I really do find it unbelievable how we can just let our students sit in class and willingly know they are bored and unmotivated. As teachers we have the power to change this. I know that I can’t go in to a school and change the curriculum but I am almost sure that we can change the way we teach to make the curriculum more accessible to students.

This is where I think technology plays a very big part. I think it really can be as simple as implementing the tools readily available to us at the touch of a button to help students learn.

It doesn’t even have to be just technology – students should have a choice in the way they learn things and they should have an input in to the way the classroom is run. I know that this sounds ideal and perhaps a little naive but I do think that with a fair amount of work it can be done, as a teacher you just have to be motivated.

I am very interested to know what people think about this?

Ideas to add?


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I love this clip…this guy has some great videos!

I very much agree with his theories on Education being industrialized…soo many things jumped out at me when he gave examples of how we box children into certain ‘levels’ of understanding that really can’t be measured accurately.

I also love how he challenges the idea of what ‘education’ actually is…because even with a degree you can’t be promised a job these days.

It was very challenging and made me think a lot about my own reasons for studying. For example, do we just study to get a piece of paper so we can tick the box and make our family members happy?

So thank you…it was a very good video indeed!


Ps GREAT blog by the way it’s very innovative!

I totally agree with you! It also makes you angry when you watch it thinking that you’ve fallen in to the trap haha

The bit that really got me was when they are on the conveyor belt and the class of 2010 thing, is crazy!

Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 what’s the link to your blog??

[…] thing I saw that was really great this morning was a video from Kim Bruce’s blog check it […]

You know the one thing that always bothered me as a student – not going outside. Especially when the weather is nice. There is a whole world out that with different environments to learn it. Why does it have to be between 4 walls?

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